My New Job

Hello my friends.  I would just like to update you all with where I am at in terms of my gap year. Basically the first thing I needed to do was get a job. I needed to have some money rolling in in order to fund fun things that I wanted to do. Therefore I […]

From me to you… studying is torture.

Hello fellow procrastinator. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t one. I’m going to share some study tips with you and hopefully you’ll find one or two of these useful. Many tips that I have found online usually piss me off. They simply consist of; ‘structure your revision’ and ‘make sure you stay hydrated’ and […]

The Best DVDs for when you feel like shite!

Most people have probably ditched all the DVDs and shit for Netflix but I’m still a lover of my DVD collection. It’s reliable and builds up the excitement when you’re picking a film because you physically have a rummage through your DVDs. Then popping it in my DVD player, it always makes the dogs jump […]

My Divided Heart

Lush is amazing. Have you ever traveled to the foreign land? You know you’re there when your head starts to go a little fuzzy after a while because of the strong smells and the constant fear of the staff coming up to talk to you, but it’s honestly like a trip out of England! The workers […]