About Me

My name is Elizabeth and I’m eighteen years old. I live in the UK with my Mum and younger sister. I’ve just finished my A Level exams and I’m now embarking upon a gap year to figure out what I want to do with myself, and what I want from my life on this earth.

I studied English Literature, Geography and Sociology at A level as I’m super interested in sorting all the shite out that humans create because everything makes me angry, from the way we treat each other to the way we treat our planet. It gets extremely overwhelming at times which is another reason why I’m taking a year out to figure out how I can help and how my career path can be linked to making the world a better place.

In terms of beliefs, I’m a feminist as I believe in the equality of the genders in every aspect of life, as we should all receive the same opportunities. I feel like that’s all there is to say about it really. I also believe in trying to live a cruelty free lifestyle by ensuring products I use are not tested on animals and I am also vegetarian and have been for roughly a year now. In terms of religion, I’ve only just recently become interested in it. Exploring religious ideas and spirituality is something I’d love to read up on after studying religion within Sociology and English Literature at A level.

Overall I’m a book lover and a Gryffindor. My star sign is Leo and favourite band would be the ‘Arctic Monkeys’ and film ‘The Breakfast Club’. My favourite season is summer despite loving the rain as I live in England. My favourite place would have to be the seaside, I love the beach! My favourite animal would definitely be a sea lion. I love animals, I have two Yorkshire terriers who don’t shut up barking. A perfect night for me would be sharing a pizza with my sister and watching ‘Greys Anatomy’.

And so that’s me, if you were wondering.

E xxx