To get back into my blog once again I thought I’d start off with my first post of the new year being a summary of 2018. A lil photo book of all the shit I did.

I began the year having applied for university and fast approaching my A Level exams which meant January was spent thinking and preparing for the coming stress while also gaining my skills tests and attending University interviews (at the time I wanted to become a primary school teacher). A perk of all this was I got to hide out in many a coffee shop while I waited for interviews and test appointments. 


February involved a lovely calming retreat to Anglesey, my childhood holiday location. Accompanied with my close family and lots of books and layers for chilly beach walks.

In March I continued to tick off all the things I needed to pass, this month was my driving theory test. Me and my mum celebrated by going to hanky panky pancakes in Chester.


Then followed April and me and my family welcomed the beautiful spring time by taking many a peaceful walk to escape the stresses of everyday life and the increasing pressure as time slowly crept towards my fucking A Levels, in other words the swirling vortex of shit.

May hit and this year took shape as my year of music quite by accident. I was hit with the realisation that I’d spent my entire life in education and I knew that if I died in that moment I wouldn’t be happy as there were so many things I wanted to do. That’s how my year of music came about! I ticked so many amazing artists of my bucket list.

Noel Gallagher, The Neighbourhood Weekender and the Stereophonics’.

June was simply the climax to a whole shitload of work mixed with the peace that flowed in afterward, relief and a unsurety about the future. I sat all of my exams, ended up adopting guinea pigs and started this blog to kick of my gap year because I cancelled my university application! My mum graduated from her university course and so this month felt like we all closed a lot of doors and yet lots of new beginnings arose.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

During July lots of fun things happened, I turned 18 for one! I got my first tattoo and spent the month doing summery things like visiting pretty coffee shops and being surrounded by friends and family. 

I took some trips in August. I returned to Anglesey for some chill time after receiving my A Level results. Also I went to Edinburgh with a friend for the weekend to celebrate the end of college!

In September my gap year continued with a mixture of puppy sitting and nights out! I saw the Arctic Monkeys and adopted more guinea pigs!

In October I decided on a path for my future which involves university and so popped to Leeds for an nosey around the university. The autumn season arrived and was filled with dog walks. I also embarked on a new journey as I got a new job.

During November I visited my friend in Durham and saw Florence and the Machine!


Throughout December I worked and enjoyed the busyness of the Christmas season. As you can see I had lots of doggy snuggles in bed with my Christmas duvet!


So that’s breiefly what went down in 2018.

E x


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