The Best DVDs for when you feel like shite!

Most people have probably ditched all the DVDs and shit for Netflix but I’m still a lover of my DVD collection. It’s reliable and builds up the excitement when you’re picking a film because you physically have a rummage through your DVDs. Then popping it in my DVD player, it always makes the dogs jump when the lil DVD draw pops out. So this is a blog post on the best DVDs for when I feel like shite…


The Breakfast Club! Without a doubt this is my number one bitch. The first time I watched it, it was my best friend Jess’s birthday I think, and we’d been out to Chester or somewhere shopping. We got back to hers and were snacking on pizza and she put on her DVD of the Breakfast Club, unsure of wether we’d all like it and get it. Honestly life changing. I’ve never fallen in love with anyone or anything like I did with that film. It’s so fucking hilarious and the way it sneaks in such profound ideas about the reality of high school and us as children following our parents in terms of who we’ll be in the world, it’s awesome and sneaky. You’ll be laughing your arse off one second and the next welling up at the stories revealed by the characters. It emphasises how shitty parents are and how difficult childhood is when you’re a ‘teen’ and completely dependent on arseholes. I really love it, now it’s a comfort blanket for me. Every so often I’ll get a tingle, and I’ll know its time to crack out the brekkie club and have a good cry.

“Screws fall out all the time. The world is an imperfect place.”- the criminal

My second movie is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I don’t know why I like this movie to be honest. I think the first time I watched it I was simply rooting through my Mum’s DVD collection which is filled with lots of romantics and whatnot which I’m a sucker for. I popped it on and ate cheese on toast with tomato ketchup while watching and so now for some reason those two things are linked somehow in my mind. So much so that it is now a personal tradition. This film is perfect for one of those lazy rainy Sundays where you wear your joggers, make a bit of cheese on toast and get cuddled up with the dogs on the sofa under a good fuzzy blanket. Just an awesome movie with the whole idea of running away from the boring reality of your life because everyone gets bored sometimes of their life and wishes for a big change or shift to occur. Plus I love Holly Golightly, I fell in love with her! She’s just awesome, the stupidly ridiculous funny things that happen I love! From not naming the cat to the big parties in her flat with her nearly setting fire to a woman’s hat with her cigarette. Love it.

“You call yourself a free spirit, a “wild thing”, and you’re terrified somebody’s gonna stick you in a cage.”- Paul Varjak


My third film is probably Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Obviously the original! (Although the new one with Emma Watson was pretty awesome and she did a great job with Belle.) This is my favourite Disney princess because as a kid and still now, I’m a big reader. So when the Beast gives her that massive library, fuck I’m sold. I’ll have a gorgeous library any day, he really set the standards for future boyfriends or girlfriends. It’s the music man tho, takes me back to my childhood and simpler times where I was less stressed about shite like the patriarchal capitalist society we live in.

“I want so much more than they’ve got planned.”-  Belle


My fourth is St Elmo’s Fire. This film is incredible. So fucking good. Ugh the big friendship group like in ‘Friends’! Awesome. I mean we all wish for that perfect friendship group with the perfect mix of personalities from brain box to creative. My favourite of the friends is definitely the little writer, Kevin, who is constantly cynical about love. Gotta love him. I think I first watched this film with my Mum when it just happened to be on TV. I loved it so much she got me the DVD for Christmas. I just love how they’re all fighting their own problems in their lives because it mirrors real life. Simply a reminder that we all have our issues.

“Love, love. You know what love is? Love is an illusion created by lawyer types like yourself to perpetuate another illusion called marriage to create a reality of divorce.”-  Kevin Dolenz


Anything Doris Day. My Mum got me into the amazing woman that is Doris Day! She has a big box set of her movies and so any rainy dreary Sunday or anytime something goes wrong and we’ve had a bad day, it’s then declared Doris time! Cups of tea are made and biscuits opened and we all settle in for a Doris movie because she’s the best for cheering you up.

Beautiful creatures. This film was originally a book and surprisingly I actually watched the film before the book. (Shocking, I know, for a book lover.) I watched the film by accident really, me and my mate Mia ended up going to the cinema and we didn’t really understand what went down in the movie. It’s when my Mum got me the book set for Christmas that I really discovered the awesomeness of the movie because I then watched it again. This film is now simply a comfort and a reminder of the books that I love too. During my GCSEs or any stressful time I’d simply have a watch of my favourite bits to chill myself out. It’s basically a movie about this girl and guy who fall in love (when don’t they!) and he finds out she’s a ‘caster’ which is basically a witch. She has magical powers. In their world Casters claim themselves for the light or dark on their sixteenth birthday. It’s a pretty awesome fantasy film to watch when you need to escape reality.

“Claim yourself.”


Wonder Woman is fucking empowering. I first watched this film when it came out in the cinemas and me and my little sister went to watch it. Oh my fucking god! It just hits you how odd an experience it is to see a powerful woman kicking some ass as we are so conditioned into men playing that role in all movies. So this was an awesome life changing experience in terms of films. It also hit me that I didn’t realise the extent to which I am used to male characters being the centre of the action and drama in a film. Because we all know movies sexualise women and are completely sexist but I just didn’t realise how bad this shit is. So this movie is a real eye opener and good for reminding you that you can go kick some ass too.


La La Land is a cosy film man. It’s a curl up on the sofa with your best mates and sing along badly to all the fucking tunes film. I love this film. I just love how it portrays the idea that we have the power in our lives to determine the life we live through our choices. It’s a very inspirational film I think, it’s a good one to watch to pick you up when you’re feeling low, uninspired and unmotivated. It screams follow your dreams and that’s why I love it. I watched this one for the first time, again, at my local cinema with my best friend. I also went to Greggs beforehand and bought two sausage rolls and snuck them into the cinema with me. (I’d highly recommend you do this, heightens any cinema experience by adding a element of danger.)

“Here’s to the ones who dream. Foolish as they may seem.”- Mia


Parent Trap is my childhood favourite movie with my little sister. I watched it recently with her on like a Sunday night before we both went back to college/high school and it’s the music man! It just transports you back to your childhood, sitting snuggled up together on the sofa with our duvets watching this movie. So anytime we need a lighthearted film about the power of sisterhood, this is the one. It never fails to make us giggle.

And so there we are. These are all my go to movies when I feel shitty. I hope this helps you out when you have a bad day because honestly, the power of a good movie is underestimated.

Love Eliza xxx


One thought on “The Best DVDs for when you feel like shite!

  1. Love this post. Wonderwoman, Beauty And The Beast and Breakfast At Tiffany’s are some of my all time faves. In fact, I think the last 2 made it onto my all time favourite movies post I did a while back. I still haven’t seen The Breakfast Club but it’s on my list. 🙂 x

    Steph |

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