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The Best Go-To Summer Clothes from Aritzia

Aritzia is a retail store that sells upscale, trendy clothing for women. For the past 4 years, Aritzia has been one of my favourite stores to buy clothes. They offer high-quality clothing that can be worn for school, presentations, work, lounging, going out with friends, or to be honest, most events in general.

Although Aritzia is expensive, the company does have very high-quality products. I’ve never had to get rid of a piece of Aritzia clothing – they last many years. Personally, I would rather spend my money on higher quality products (up to a certain extent of course) because I know they will last longer. Oftentimes, when I purchase lower-quality pieces, they either go out of style, or the quality becomes noticeably worse over time. I end up saving money in the long0-term by purchasing a few higher-quality pieces. Once you have a few essential pieces, you can style them up or down, creating lots of outfits from just a few staples.

In light of their semi-annual sale, I wanted to share some of my Aritzia favourites with you on Big Sister Blog. You can also watch my TikTok where I try on and recommend some of these Aritzia clothes!

Aritzia’s Semi-Annual Sale

Around this time of the year (early June), Aritzia hosts its semi-annual sale. They allow specific customers to access the sale in advance as a reward for being a loyal client. This is referred to as the clientele sale. After a week of the clientele sale, the general public is also granted access to the discounted products.

Aritzia advertises that everything on the sale is 20-50% off! I figured this would be the perfect time for all of you shopaholics like me to purchase some new closet staples!

My Go-To Aritzia Pieces

In all honesty, I haven’t purchased anything from Aritzia in over 8 months. None of the pieces I’m recommending are new to my closet. For that reason, I will only be sharing pieces I own that still exist on the website. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to purchase the older styles I own.

The Cozy Fleece Boyfriend Sweatpants (TNA)

The Cozy Fleece Boyfriend Sweatpants

TNA is one of Aritzia’s in-house brands. The Cozy Fleece Boyfriend Sweatpants are part of the TNA cozy fleece collection. These sweatpants are fitted around the waist and hips, but still loose enough to feel comfortable when lounging.

The material is soft and there is also a drawstring in the waistband to tighten or loosen the fit. I would recommend these pants for lounging around the house, hanging outside on a summer night, or travelling. If you browse the cozy fleece collection, TNA also offers sweat shorts for those warm summer days.

The Modern Cargo Pant (Wilfred Free)

The Modern Cargo Pants

The modern cargo pants are one of my personal favourites. These pants are high-waisted, have large pockets on the side, and fit well around the hips and butt.

I would recommend these pants for a night or day out. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and the clothing/accessories that you pair with them. 10/10 Would recommend!

The Yoko Shorts (Denim Forum)

The Yoko Shorts

The Yoko shorts are a great pair of denim shorts to have in your closet for the summer. This piece is offered in a few different washes, but I love the light-wash colour called “Tequila”.

These shorts can be dressed up or down for summer activities. I wear mine to the beach over my bathing suit for a very casual look. However, with the right belt, top, and accessories, these shorts could make the perfect patio lunch/dinner outfit. They typically fit mid to high rise depending on your body. These shorts also fit well around both my hips and my butt, which is actually quite rare.

The Lover Camisole (Wilfred)

The Lover Camisole

Next up we have the Lover Camisole – one of the cutest tops I own from Aritzia! I absolutely love it. This top is made from Japanese satin, which looks super cute and elegant for a night out or an afternoon lunch. The top can be dressed up or down too depending on accessories and what you style it with.

The Lover Camisole has a peplum hem, which is great for the summer. I wear this top with high-waisted skirts, jean shorts, black jeans, white skinny jeans, and really anything else you can think of.

Another benefit for me is that I don’t need to wear a bra with it. However, if you have a larger bust, a cute bralette can be nice to layer underneath for extra support.

The Sculpt Knit Tank (Babaton)

The Sculpt Knit Tank

The Sculpt Knit Tank is another great summer staple. The sculpt knit material comes in a variety of styles as well. If you don’t like your tanks super cropped, there is a longer style available. They also offer a cute top made with the same material, but only one strap.

I like the sculpt knit tank because it fits really well. The fabric is high quality, so it hugs my body nicely. I personally don’t need to wear a bra because the material provides enough support and lift.

This top would be good for a patio lunch/dinner, or even a night out. I like to pair this top with white jeans, the modern cargo pants, or high-waisted skirts!

The Classic Mini Skirt (Wilfred)

The Classic Mini Skirt

Another favourite of mine is the Classic Mini Skirt. I like this skirt because it has a very clean and professional look, while also being trendy and fashionable. This skirt is perfect for a lunch date, an afternoon out, or dinner at a nice restaurant.

This skirt can be styled up with a cute pair of heels and accessories. I also like to style it down with sneakers, a butterfly clip, and a cropped & comfortable tee.

The Peplum Blouse (Wilfred)

The Peplum Blouse

The Peplum Blouse is a cute summer staple to add to your wardrobe. The material is very light and also very sheer, which makes it look pretty when layered over a bralette. For the white peplum blouse, I usually go with a peach or white bralette.

This blouse is great to wear for patio dinners. It pairs well with skinny jeans. It’s also nice during the evening because if the weather gets cold, the top is long-sleeved which will keep you a bit warmer.

This is a great summer shirt to wear on patios or just to hang out with your friends. You can also wear this shirt to work if you dress it up in a professional manner (i.e. wear an undershirt and pair with dress pants).

The New Tie-Front Shorts (Wilfred)

The New Tie-Front Shorts

The next item is the New Tie-Front Shorts. These shorts definitely give off a more formal look, but are a great piece to wear for coffee chats or work on a super hot day.

These shorts are a nice material and the tie on the front is also a cute element. Because of the tie, you can pair these shorts with a simple top. I usually wear a tighter top tucked into the shorts or a crop top (depending on the occasion – I would not wear a crop top to work).

You can also dress the shorts up and wear them for formal occasions.

The Joni High rise Loose 29L (Denim Forum)

The Joni High Rise Loose 29L

The Joni High Rise Loose 29L jeans (very specific, I know), are a great pair of pants to wear in the summer. They are super high-rise and look nice with a belt and a cute cropped tank. The rips on these jeans make them great for patios or just to wear out while you run errands.

These jeans have a wide-leg fit which is nice because it feels a bit more breathable in the summer. These jeans can be dressed up or down as well. If you want to dress them up for dinner, try a belt and a blouse (or a fancy tank). If you want to dress them down, throw on some sneakers and an oversized tee.

I would recommend these jeans to anyone who prefers the looser fit. I like both skinny and loose jeans, just depending on the occasion and the rest of my outfit. This piece adds some variety to my wardrobe!

Other Aritzia Recommendations

I will also recommend a few other pieces that I have tried on in Aritzia change rooms or borrowed from my friends/sisters. A few other pieces I like from Aritzia are:

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for reading! I hope you were able to find some good recommendations from this post.

Although Aritzia clothing comes with an expensive price tag, I believe the pieces are worth it. As I explained above, many of these clothes can be dressed up or down, depending on how you accessorize and the other pieces of clothes you wear. You will get great use out of these clothes if you love them. However, that does not mean you should splurge and buy everything from Aritzia! I would recommend buying a couple staples that will work with a variety of outfits on a number of occasions. That way, these few articles of clothing will go a long way.

Stay tuned for our future posts in the fashion category. My next post in this category will recommend general summer staples to have in your closet! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to gain access to blog updates and other exclusive content!

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