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Health & Fitness

The Life of a University Athlete – Featuring Katie Gay

Are you an athlete considering joining a sports team at your college or university? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Read along to learn more about the full-time job that is varsity athletics. Being a varsity athlete is not easy! You have to endure long hours of practice and fitness training almost every single …

Healthy Habits

How to Build Healthy Habits – My Fitness Journey

Learning how to build healthy habits is not always easy. In fact, adapting to any new habit can be difficult in itself. Building healthy habits is important to living a healthy lifestyle. I truly believe that developing good sleep habits, eating habits, and exercise habits will lead to a more energized life. If you treat …

Lifestyle, Working out

Benefits of Yoga – Learning to Love Your Mind & Body

Have you ever wondered, what are the benefits of yoga? Is yoga good for you? I’m definitely no expert, but I hope I can provide some insight from my ammateur experience. I started doing yoga consistently in the fall of 2020. Although I’ve taken a few classes in-person in the past, this was my first …