Best Mother’s Day Gifts to Make Her Day Special

Each year when the month of May comes around, I know it’s time to brainstorm what the best mother’s day gifts would be for my mom, grandma, and dad’s girlfriend. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Shopping for moms can be hard.

I want to help you think of ideas for gifts that are simple and affordable, but also meaningful. As a university student, I’m always looking for ways to save money. Making mother’s day special isn’t about spending a lot of money, rather finding something your mom will love and appreciate. Maybe this isn’t even a gift! Simple acts of kindness such as making breakfast, cleaning the house, helping her out with something – perhaps these “services” would be preferred. The important thing is showing your mom you love her and you care about her. That’s why I wanted to share some of the best gifts YOU can give your mom for her special day on Big Sister Blog.

I also wanted to take into consideration that many children won’t be able to see their moms on Mother’s day this year. COVID-19 has temporarily changed the way we interact with our family and friends. Keeping this in mind, I wanted to add in a few ideas to celebrate our mothers from a distance.

Cards for Mom

I know that cards are often seen as a cheesy gift. However, cards can be a great way to tell mom how special she is to you. In this card to your mom, you can (1) thank her for all the things she has done for you. List out a few of the most memorable things she has helped you with and why it means so much to you. You can also (2) tell her the reasons why you love her. List out some of the qualities you love about your mother and explain why. Lastly, you could even (3) remind her of some of the best memories you both have together. “Remember that time we went…” or “Remember how much it fun it was when we…”. I guarantee your mom will love it.

E-Cards or Virtual Cards

The virtual card I sent to my mother as a gift

If you aren’t able to physically be with your mom on mother’s day, that’s alright. In fact, I won’t be able to see my mother on her special day either. Despite the physical distance, we can still celebrate our mothers! Virtual cards are a great idea because it has the message that comes with a typical card, but you can also add a video message. There are lots of great online apps and websites that will do this for you. Once the card is set up, you can customize it with pictures and colours on the outside. Finally, the card will be sent via text or email to your mom. It will be a great surprise for her to receive.

When I sent my mom a virtual card for her birthday earlier this year, she absolutely loved it. It’s a nice option if you aren’t able to meet in person. I recorded a 30-second note telling my mom that I loved her, missed her, and hoped she had a great day. This gift was super easy to put together, and cost me no money at all! As long as you put thought into it and make it personal, your mom will love it.

Physical Cards

You can also gift your mom a physical card. This one is simple and cheap – you don’t need to buy a card if you don’t want to. Grab a piece of paper and a few markers or pens, then get started. It doesn’t matter if you’re artistically inclined. Your mom will love it because it’s from you! Write “happy mother’s day” on the front and fill the inside with a nice message. You can even print out your favourite photo(s) together and paste them into the card.

Mother’s Day Flowers or Bouquets

A flower bouquet from Bea’s Flowers

Lots of mothers love flowers. The best thing about flowers is that most floral shops offer delivery services. That way, you can arrange to have the flowers dropped off to her home address. Lots of florists will write a small note upon request, so consider having them write something short and simple for you.

Call one of your local florists and see how expensive flowers would be. If you are shopping on a budget, you can ask for lower-priced options. It’s the thought that counts – you don’t need to find the biggest, most expensive bouquet for her to love them. For my mom’s birthday, I ordered flowers through Bea’s Floral Studio in Orillia, Ontario. Bea’s was started by a friend of mine that I used to work with. My mom loved them!

However, just remember that some people don’t always like flowers. If your mom isn’t a flower person, consider saving that money and looking into a different option.

Cooking a Meal for Mother’s Day

Growing up, my mom (or my dad’s girlfriend) would always cook meals for me – mostly dinner. A lot of parents appreciate it when their kids step up and cook dinner. Offer to make their favourite meal and clean up the dishes after. Whether this is breakfast in bed, lunch, or dinner, any of those options are good. You should be able to easily find a recipe for her favourite meal online. You don’t need to be a master chef nowadays to make a great meal. Online recipes tell you exactly what ingredients you need, what temperature to cook everything at, etc. This makes it super easy!

Alternatively, you could even just bring your mom’s coffee to bed. This is something that costs no money, but your mom will surely appreciate it. My mom always has coffee when she gets up, and I know she would love it if I woke up just a bit earlier and brought her coffee. It’s the little things.

If you aren’t able to make it home to cook for your mom, you could try a facetime dinner date. You could cook together on facetime, then eat once your food is both ready. Although this isn’t optimal, it’s a great option if in-person is off the list. Cooking a meal together is meaningful, affordable, and fun!

Homemade Gifts

Homemade gifts might not be pretty, but moms love them!

Remember when we were in elementary school, and we would do mother’s day crafts in class? Well, there’s a reason we did that. First of all, it was the easiest gift for a 6-year old to give their mom. But, another reason was that parents LOVE homemade gifts. My mom would save all those old crafts in a box to look back on. The funny thing is, I look at the crafts now and think they are horrific. However, if you ask my mom, she will tell you how cute it is and how much she loved it. For example, check out the picture to the right. My mom thinks that drawing is adorable and hilarious.

There are lots of homemade gifts you can make for your mom even as we get a bit older. For example, I’ve considered making my mom a pair of cut-off denim shorts. I recently wrote a blog post about how to cut denim shorts, and my mom loved the pair I made. I purchased vintage jeans from a second-hand store for around $6, then cut them myself into a cute pair of shorts. This is an affordable idea you might consider if your mom likes ripped shorts too.

You can also make her favourite sweet snack. Whether it’s pie, cookies, brownies, or cake, there are recipes online for everything. If you already have ingredients at home, this will be super easy and affordable. Even if you don’t, it shouldn’t be too pricey to pick up the necessary ingredients.

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have some secret talents. Consider making her something using those special skills. If you can draw well, maybe do a picture of you two together. If you like painting, paint her a picture. Some people are great at sewing – you could sew her something as simple as a scrunchie. Think about the things you’re good at, then build from there. These options are super affordable but will be appreciated so much by your mom. Like I said before, it’s the thought that counts to figure out what the best mother’s day gifts would be.

Picture Frames

Framing old pictures with your sibling can be a great gift

Moms love pictures. They hang photos on the fridge, place them through the house, and post them all over Facebook. You can pick up a simple picture frame or two and print out your favourite photos together. Photos of you and a pet, photos of you and your siblings (if you have any), photos of your mom with her significant other, etc. are all easy ideas. I’ve done this before, and it cost literally less than $8 from Walmart. I picked up two affordable frames, developed two cute photos at the Walmart photo center, then wrapped them up. My mom hung them around the house and loved the thought. Consider this if you’re looking for something easy, especially at the last minute.

You could also put together a scrapbook or photo album of pictures. Scrapbooks can typically be purchased for under $20. This is a fun craft idea that your mom will love. You can even make a slideshow using Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides, or iMovie. Add in lots of pictures, type up some captions and notes, and then show your mom what you made. We actually did something similar for my grandma’s 80th birthday that she loved. We put photos of her kids, grandchildren, and other relatives into a long “movie”, then layered it with some music. Finally, we showed her the video before dinner – it was the perfect gift to bring up some of her favourite memories.

Store-Bought Gift Ideas

Sometimes, you need to resort to a simple store-bought gift. And remember – you can buy your mom a gift without spending lots of money.

One easy gift category for your mom is home decor. You could pick out a cute candle from a local store for $5 to $50. Be cautious of your budget. Lots of moms love candles to place around the house.

There are also lots of gifts you can pick out for your mom that she can wear. For example, you can pick out some cute jewelry at a very good price. Amazon has some great pieces of jewelry for under $10 that can ship directly to your mom’s house. Simple pieces such as gold hoops, cute rings, or dainty necklaces are great for moms to wear on any occasion. You might also consider buying from small businesses online. Blvsh Jewelry is a small jewelry business that offers low-cost and trendy jewelry. Another item she could wear would be simple accessories. An easy one would be butterfly hair clips – something my mom uses every day.

My mom, sisters, and I

You can also buy locally-made snacks. In Orillia, Ontario, there are lots of local bakeries that my mom really likes. If you aren’t great at baking, you could pick out something delicious for your mom. Fudge, cookies, cakes, pies – all great options.

Another easy gift is mugs! You can buy coffee mugs from a variety of stores for really great prices. You can even customize your mug if you purchase it online from specific sellers (it will just take longer to deliver). Moms who drink coffee regularly will appreciate this small gift. In fact, you could even pick out a new type of coffee bean or tea for your mom to try.

Simple Acts of Kindness

Sometimes, gifts aren’t even necessary for mother’s day. You can show your mom how much you care by helping her out with stuff she needs to get done around the house.

You could try doing all the chores for a day. Vacuum, mop, do the dishes, clean the laundry, organize the kitchen cabinets, clean the garage, etc. If there are no chores to do, you can help your mom out with something else. Maybe she likes to garden – offer to help her out for the afternoon. It’s great to be able to spend that time with her. Your mom will really appreciate this.

Closing Thoughts

Mother’s day isn’t about spending a lot of money. It’s a day devoted to making your mom feel special. You can show your mom you love her with simple gestures or easy, affordable gifts. At the end of the day, these are the gifts that will touch her heart the most.

Thank you for reading. Happy mother’s day to all the moms out there. Good luck to all the kids who are trying to make their mom’s day special! Hopefully, my list of ideas will inspire you to find the perfect gift to make your mom feel extra loved on May 9th this year.


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