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Big Sister Blog was created to give the readers an insight on multiple platforms of life. You will find everything from beauty, fashion, astrology, relationship advice and much more. We hope to create a warm environment to hear your wonderful thoughts and ideas about life. We have divided our blog in different types of categories. These categories include….

Fashion/Beauty – Fashion Trends, Outfit of the days, Hairstyle Tutorials, Beauty Community Topics, DIY beauty remedies and more can be found here. 

Astrology/Spirituality – Learn basic astrology and how to read your chart. Get to know yourself, family, and friends based on their astrological placements. Crystal healing, yoga and meditation post can be found here.

Health/Fitness- Fitness goals and tips, healthy meal plans, workout routines, and overall health tips can be found here.

Lifestyle- This category is basically everything and anything else you can imagine. From budgeting tips, to relationship advice and traveling tips. From taxes, credit card, and job hunting to pretty much “shit they don’t teach you in school” can be found under this category.

We hope you enjoy our site+!

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